Circuit Management

Branch Circuit Management system  

Circuit Management

Take your RPP to the next level by managing your critical loads at the individual branch circuit level. Rely on Cyberex circuit management solutions to monitor and alert your staff of potential problems before they occur. Understanding load profiles is the key to proactively managing your data center distribution system and avoiding unnecessary downtime.

  • Branch Circuit Management – Up to four (4) 42 circuit panel boards (168 poles)
  • Sub Feed Circuit Management – Up to thirty two (32), 3-wire or twenty four (24), 4-wire sub feed breakers
  • Main Feed Circuit Management – Up to four (4) sources in multi-fed RPPs can be monitored: phases, neutral and ground

Advanced Communication

  • Communicate valuable system data to Building Management Systems (BMS) or local display
  • Protocols available: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACNET, SNMP Trap Alarms, Web Server