Cyberex HPP

High Power Panel Distribution

The industry demand to increase data center efficiency and push the limits of power density at the rack has introduced new design trends. Selective coordination, increased arc flash potential, protecting sensitive IT equipment and complying with SCCR and IR code requirements have taken center stage. The Cyberex offering of High Power Panel Distribution products offer solutions for every need.

HPP high power panel

NEW Cyberex Faultguard™ RPP with
ABB Proline Panelboards

The Cyberex FaultGuard™ RPP helps remove the electrical concerns that come along with high density data centers. As voltage increases on the data center floor so does the potential for electrical dangers. With current limiting branch circuit breakers, it helps mitigate the risk of arc flash and provides the highest level of protection for IT equipment.

The resin encased bus design and touch safe plug in branch breakers reduce shock hazard and increase flexibility after installation. Inherent coordination up to moderate fault levels reduces risk of cascading faults keeping power to critical loads.

  • UL listed Current Limiting main and branch circuit breakers 
  • Touch Safe
  • Voltage Ratings: 208/120V, 415/240V, 480/277V
  • Current Rating: 225A, 400A
  • 1 to 25A Branch Breakers at 480V
  • Interrupting Rating: 14kA
  • Main/Branch Breaker coordination up to 14kA at 480V


HPP High Power Panel Fused


Cyberex HPP with Fused Switch Panelboard

The Cyberex Fused HPP with fused switch branch panelboards delivers a worry free solution for systems with high fault currents, assuring current limiting protection and full coordination in data centers for up to 200kA at up to 600V. The finger safe design allows users to adjust protection as load requirements change by simply replacing an individual branch circuit fuse to the new required amp size without de-energizing panel main.

  • Current Limiting Fuses
  • Finger Safe 
  • Voltage Ratings: 208/120V, 415/240V, 480/277V
  • Current Ratings: 225A, 400A
  • Branch Circuit Size: 1–100A
  • Interrupting Rating: 200kA at 600V
  • Main/Branch device coordination up to 200kA at 600V
  • Fuse rejection features allow adjustment of fuse ampacity up to the switch rating providing unparalleled flexibility as load requirements change.



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