Cyberex RPP

Remote Power Distribution


Cyberex FaultGuard™
RPP with ABB ProLine Panelboards

The FaultGuard™ RPP with ABB ProLine Panelboard provides a flexible, reliable, and safe solution for electrical distribution on the data center floor. The RPP’s integral panelboard features touch safe, plug-in branch circuit breakers, designed for the most mission critical applications. 

  • UL listed Current Limiting main and branch circuit breakers
  • Touch Safe
  • Voltage Ratings: 208/120V, 415/240V, 480/277V
  • Current Ratings: 225A, 400A
  • 1 to 100A Branch Breakers at 208V
  • 1 to 25A Branch Breakers at 480V
  • Interrupting Ratings: 35kA at 208V, 14kA at 480V
  • Main/Branch breaker coordination up to 35kA at 208V and 14kA at 480V
  • Insulating resin encased bus
  • Pluggable breaker with non-energized bolt on screw
RPP remote power panel  


Cyberex, an innovative leader in critical power switching and distribution, provides its customers with the most advanced RPP lineup in the industry. Cyberex RPPs utilize technology leading circuit protection components and a wide array of advanced circuit management options. Cabinet configurations are customizable to fit the footprint and access parameters for your data center needs. 

  • Panelboard Options: Up to 480V, Up to 400A, Up to 168 circuits – Panelboards available from multiple manufacturers
  • Input connections: main lug only, main circuit breaker, main switch
  • Top or bottom entry/exit
  • Multiple input capability and traditional configurations – up to 4 sources, 4 panelboards and 4 main circuit breakers
  • Multiple footprint options – sizing as small as a 2' x 2' square raised floor tile
  • Circuit management system provides enhanced power data collection
  • Remote monitoring interface to building management system
  • Welded frame door, door-in-door hinged dead front
  • Seismic construction available
  • Integrated IR port solutions to identify immerging system issues


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