IR Port

Finding the Predator in a Data Center has Never Been Easier

IR Port Scanner

IR Port Portal


Loose or degraded connections could be lurking in your data center. Like a predator, it’s stalking, waiting for the worst time to strike. New advances in thermal scanning port technology provide the weapon to fight back.

Cyberex® IR Port

  • Robust polymer based solution with thicker material than off the shelf options
  • After-market field service retrofit available
  • Value-engineered based on your specifications IR Ports
  • Improves safety by decreasing possible arc flash occurrences
  • Maintains reliability by allowing early detection of potential load drop
  • Enhances serviceability by eliminating time required to remove panels
  • Increases efficiency by providing early warning detection for planned inspection

IR Scanning

  • Improves reliability of mission critical equipment; facilitates identification of termination issues
  • Allows serviceability on live equipment
  • Provides wide view coverage of bolted connection
  • Standard process backed by ANSI/NETA recommendations.

IR Port Rendering