JSP Surge Protective Devices  

JSP Series
Surge Protective Devices

The JSP family of products offers the best in surge protection performance and reliability with component-level fusing and optional advanced filter for enhanced ringing transient plus EMI/RFI attenuation. The JSP is designed and tested to withstand surge currents in accordance with both ANSI/IEEE and IEC recommendations, plus it exceeds the safety requirements of UL 1449 4th edition. Available in all standard US domestic and international voltages, plus power system configurations with surge ratings running from 60 to 400 kA, the JSP is the ideal choice for standard surge protection needs.

For spaces requiring a more compact design, the JSPR unit is mounted recessed into the wall, avoiding any protrusion. This design is useful in hospitals, schools, and retail settings. Available in 120 and 160 kA only.

Available in the following voltage configurations:

JSP 400, 300, 240 & 200 - All Voltages including Delta

JSP 160 & 120 - All Voltages including Delta

JSP 100, 80 & 60 - No Delta Available

ROHS Compliant