SPD Protections for Smart Grids and Microgrids WP

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Is Your Surge Protective Device Capable of Protecting the Smart Grid and Microgrids?

Executive Summary:

The US electrical grid is being transformed with an infusion of modern technology and communication systems. The goal is to create intelligent distributed electrical generation and transmission systems that will increase electricity availability, reliability, and quality (the Smart Grid and Microgrids). The Smart Grid, Microgrids, and other distributed electrical generation systems will increase switching surges that have the potential to damage the electrical infrastructure, electronic systems and critical processes. Surge protective devices (SPDs) that incorporate coordinated surge components (selenium suppressors and metal-oxide varistors (MOVs)) can protect equipment and processes from switching surges. An SPD that incorporates selenium suppressors and MOVs, and has been protecting equipment and processes from switching surges is the Current Technology Select Series SPD.

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