Current Technology

Current Technology

Current Technology® Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) offer an advanced power quality monitoring system with remote accessibility via modbus and ethernet.  The monitoring feature helps the user identify and quantify critical power quality issues at a fraction of the cost of standalone power quality monitoring systems.

The optimum line of Current Technology SPDs provide true single- and repetitive-surge test data that fully comply with engineering specifications, in contrast to calculated values for single- and repetitive-surge data that competitor SPDs provide. Additional features include:

MasterMind Monitoring Options

MasterMind monitoring systems  

MasterMind® Monitoring Options

The Current Technology Monitoring systems offer multiple levels of advanced, multifunction, Power Quality monitoring for:

  • Select®—SL3 suppression filter systems
  • TransGuard®—TG3 suppression filter systems
  • PanelExtension —PX3 suppression filter systems

Units come standard with the following monitoring options (M1) that include:

  • Tri-colored LED indication that changes color based on the amount of protection remaining
  • 2 sets of dry relay contacts for remote monitoring
  • Audible alarm with an alarm disable switch

There is also the option for a surge counter (M2)

Select Series


Select-SL3 Series  

Select®—SL3™ Series

Select SL3 suppression filter systems feature selenium-enhanced surge protection along with a powerful failure-free ISM (Integrated Suppression Module). Each MOV used in construction of the ISM is thermally fused and protected.  The ISM also features surge-rated copper busing, robust filtering and advanced remote communication capabilities. Additionally, the ISM selenium-enhanced design delivers maximum performance and ensures a dramatically extended product life.

Integrated Suppression Module

Integrated Suppression Module

Suppression Module

ISM™ Series

The ISM is a Type 4 SPD sub assembly that is suitable for use in Type 1 or Type 2 SPD locations allowing for easy integration into higher level systems.

The ISM has several remotely mountable monitoring packages that allow for the module to be recessed inside other pieces of equipment while still being capable of monitoring the system.

Please visit our monitoring products page to review the full line of monitoring offerings that are all compatible with the ISM.

ROHS Compliant

Panel Extension

Panel Extension PX3  

Panel Extension—PX3


The PX3 offers an externally mounted surge solution that can be physically attached to the top or bottom of any panelboard, providing a reduced profile surge solution. PX3 suppression filter systems feature a powerful failure-free ISM (Integrated Suppression Module). Each MOV used in construction of the ISM is thermally fused and protected. The ISM also features surge-rated copper busing, robust filtering and advanced remote communication capabilities. The PX3 includes an internal disconnect option, allowing safer and easier repairs without having to cut power to the distribution panel.

  • Individual Thermally Fused and Protected MOVs
  • Surge-rated Copper Busing and Robust Filtering
  • Advanced Remote Communications Capabilities
  • MOV + Capacitive Filtering
  • Fully Complies with UL96A, Master Label, for Lightning Protection Systems
  • 15 Year Warrany


TransEnd Series

TransEnd Surge Protection


TransEnd delivers worry-free reliable performance. This MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) based surge protector is available in all standard low-voltage AC configurations with surge current capabilities ranging from 25kA to 100kA. Designed to suppress transient surges before they effect sensitive loads with a built in high-frequency noise filter. The TransEnd is designed and tested to withstand surge currents in accordance with ANSI/IEEE recommendations, and meets the safety requirements of UL 1449 4th edition. Additionally, the single-pulse surge current capacity (per mode) has been tested and proven per NEMA recommendations.

Available in the following voltage configurations:

120/240VAC, Split-Phase, 3-wire + Ground,
Ex: XN50-120/240-2G

120/208VAC, 3-Phase, 4-wire + Ground,
Ex: XN50-120/208-3GY

Monitoring & Diagnostic Tools


Monitoring and Diagnostic  

Monitoring & Diagnostic Tools


Current Technology’s portable DTS-2 Diagnostic Test Set provides facility engineers, equipment technicians and other end users with easy, active testing of on-site product performance as well as distribution system voltage monitoring. Conveniently lightweight, the DTS-2 easily connects to any Current Technology MasterPLAN® suppression filter system to immediately deliver quantitative, diagnostic measurement of all modes of suppression filter system performance and effectiveness.

LoadGuard Series

LoadGuard MSU



The LoadGuard™ MSU is engineered for hard-wired installation, within or adjacent to, electrical loads such as robotics, process automation systems, motors, HVAC systems, pumps, heaters, programmable logic controllers and other point-of-use applications.

HPI Interconnect System


HPI SPD connection system  


High-Performance Interconnect System

The HPI™ - SPD Connection System is a dual shielded, triple insulated multi-core power conductor specially constructed to minimize interconnection impedance for SPD installations. HPI™ is UL approved for use with Current Technology SPD products. The ground & neutral shielded design of the HPI™ SPD Connection System provides the installer with a pre-manufactured SPD termination or a field terminated option with ends unterminated.

CurrentGuard Series

CurrentGuard™ Series

With our new innovative Z-Path System, component-level fusing and enhanced built-in EMI/RFI filter, CurrentGuard™ and CurrentGuard™ Plus, offer the best-in-class performance and reliability in surge protection.

Available in all standard voltage configurations with six surge ratings, CurrentGuard™ and CurrentGuard™ Plus are the ideal choices for premium surge protection needs.

CurrentGaurd surge protector  


Features include:

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