TransGuard Series


TransGuard-TG3 Series  

TransGuard®—TG3™ Series

TransGuard TG3 suppression filter systems feature a powerful failure-free ISM™ (Integrated Suppression Module). Each MOV used in construction of the ISM is thermally fused and protected.  The ISM also features surge-rated copper busing, robust filtering and advanced remote communication capabilities. The TG3 protects today’s facilities from costly downtime and equipment damage caused by routine or catastrophic electrical disturbances.

  • Individually Thermally Fused and Protected MOVs
  • Surge-rated Copper Busing
  • Robust Filtering
  • Advanced Remote Communications Capabilities
  • MOV + Capacitive Filtering
  • Fully complies with UL96A, Master Label, for Lightning Protection Systems
  • 15 Year Warranty


ROHS Compliant

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